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5th Grade vocabulary and assignment will change by the week.  However, the Activities listed below are good for all Spanish 1 students.

Please check and have student log in to see each grade lesson and curriculum.

Spanish Activities Page

Honestly, this page is one of my favorites.  Feel free to go through these sites and learn for at least 30 minutes this week.

Spanish Activities Page

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LyricsTraining | F6S

Lyrics Training (Links to an external site.)

Study Stack

Vocabulary Page

(Spanish 1 Vocabulary)

Tank Game

Grammar Practice Tank Games (Links to an external site.)


Spanish countries Practice (Links to an external site.)

Mundo Primaria ® - El portal para aprender jugando

Children's Stories


AASL Recommended Apps: Quizlet - Central Minnesota Libraries Exchange


The Sporcle Blog - Fun Facts and Mentally Stimulating Articles

Verb Acquisition (Links to an external site.)


Spanish Capitals (Links to an external site.)

Practice (Links to an external site.)

Viaja a un mundo de fantasía! Cuentacuentos en inglés

Cuenta Cuentos

Verb Conjugations

Conjuguemos Problems (@ConjuguemosPrbs) | Twitter

Present Tense Verbs (Links to an external site.)

See the source image

Jeopardy (Links to an external site.)


Recursos EDUCATIVOS de educación infantil y primaria | Chiquipedia

More Stories

Irregular Preset Tense Verbs

SpanishDict Translator - Apps on Google Play