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Mr. Curtis in a nut-shell.

Understanding is pointless unless that information can be used to improve life.

Knowledge = having information about something.                                                            Wisdom = Using said knowledge in a way to improve yourself or others.


My name is Thomas C. Curtis and I am a teacher who enjoys helping students learn both information and culture.  My wife and I moved out to Tooele seven years ago and have grown to love the area.  I have been teaching now for eleven years teaching a variety of children from Kindergarten up to 9th.  Over those years, I have become an apt and capable teacher who uses both technology and skill to teach and encourage students to further their knowledge and understanding of life and the world.

I enjoy teaching and seeing my students grow to understand both themselves and the world better. With this understanding, the world can only get better!

Carpe Diem

I think that every person in the world can think back on their lives and name one teacher that really touched them.  I am hoping to be that teacher that can instill in his students a true love of learning, of people, and of the world.