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The day to day literacy tab is where you will find out what we have done every day in class.  It is also where you will find out about tests and quizzes.

1/9/20 - Today we discussed vocabulary, graded our comp books and read to our reading buddies.

1/8/20 - Today students went to the Library, learned to use sensory writing, and reviewed quotations with paragraphs.  We also read chapter 14. 

1/7/20 - Today we had a make-up day.  Students worked throughout the entire period and completed much of the missing work.

1/6/20 - Today we had a writing prompt about vacation, worked on vocabulary, and read Chapters 12 and 13 of Spadefoot Toads.

12/20/19 - Today we had our Wax Museum Book Report.  Projects were amazing.

12/19/19 - Today we finished our ReadyGen Term Test, graded it, and then discussed Imagery in Writing.

12/18/19 - Today we started a ReadyGen Test ... Went to Library and read from Spadefoot Toads (We learned to make a bullet point list.)

12/17/19- Today we took our writing STATE RISE ASSESSMENT.

12/16/19 - Today we worked on our Vocabulary, Spelling list 14 definitions, and our Pronunciation (singular and double digits.)

12/11/19 - Today we had Library time, consonant reading practice, and practiced our Reading Comprehension of Spadefood Toads Ch 11.

12/10/19 - Today students took a Rise Benchmark Test assessing Informational Texts.

12/9/19 - Today students discussed their book reports ... received Spelling List 13, and discussed "IMPROVING OUR WORK ETHIC!"

12/6/19 - Today we worked on personal descriptions and Spelling Test 12.

12/5/19 - Today we worked on vocabulary ... Expository writing ... and read to our reading buddies in Kindergarden.

12/4/19 - Substitute ... Vocabulary and Reading.

12/3/19 - Today was great.  I had students leave the room and then enter again when they were ready, uniform, pencils, brain, etc.  They worked well for the entire class and even wrote out a simple essay in class.

12/2/19 - Today was surprising.  I gave my kiddos an assessment where they had to mark the verb, adjective, and pronoun and ... they failed.  (We gave and went over Spelling List 12).

11/26/19 - Today we read our favorite kid books aloud in class.  We also finished present our book reports (for those students who were done).

11/25/19 - Today we worked on landscape descriptions, Spadefoot Toads CH 10, and our Book Reports.

11/22/19 - Today we worked on our spelling tests and presented our Book Reports.  IT WAS AWESOME!!!

11/21/19 - Today we reviewed Cognates, Gerunds, Past Participles, and vocabulary.  We also read to our Kindergarden Buddies.

11/20/19 - Today we worked (again) on landscape descriptions and adjective placement.

11/19/19 - Today we worked on landscape descriptions, adjective placement and ... I read one of my favorite children's books.

11/18/19 - Today we worked mainly on vocabulary acquisition.  We also discussed the reasons that we read.

11/15/19 - Today we discussed the Poem The Eagle by Alfred, Lord Tennyson and worked on the computer making up missing work.

11/14/19 - Today we talked about our reading and vocabulary usage.  We also read to our reading buddies.

11/13/19 - Today we walked around the school and discussed the rules for walking, talking, etc. in the hallways (I've seen problems lately).  We also finished reading Ch 8 of Spadefood Toads.

11/12/19 - Most of today was spent defining vocabulary.  We are reading, but not understanding as yet.

11/11/19 - Today students discussed Armistice Day (Veteran's Day) and discussed how Freedom is not Free.  

11/7/19 - Today was a confusing day.  Today we talked about a teachers desire for their students to do better than they did when they were in school.

11/06/19 -Today we started our character development unit.

11/05/19 - What a great class.  Today we worked on vocabulary, spelling, and Past Participles (adj).  We also reviewed the rules for adjective placement in the English language.

11/4/19 - Today students Learned and applied our newest "standard" for starting class.  (We are silently reading or writing for the first 15 minutes of class every day.)  We then practiced our typing, and learned our Spelling List 9 Words.

11/1/19 - Today in class we discussed the Poem "Casey at the Bat", created Literacy Folders in our Office 365, and began typing our Spooky Stories.

10/31/19 - Today we practiced listening comprehension and recall (Spooky stories) and read to our reading buddies.

10/30/19 - Today students had tons of questions about Halloween and WHY NOT???  We worked with our adjective placement again and created sayings to help us memorize the order.

10/29/19 - Today students learned about the correct sequence for adjective placement.  (Size, shape, age, color, origin, material, purpose.)

10/28/19 - Today students discussed vocabulary and worked on descriptions.

10/24/19 - Today we went through and graded all of our term workbooklets.

10/23/19 - Students learned how to Proof work.

10/22/19 - Today students worked on their end of term Final.  (READING Literature ... Writing ... latin Roots ... and Quotation practice.

10/21/19 - Today students spent the entire class working on cursive and re-writing things that they had done in print.  (I AM required to teach cursive).

10/17/19 - Today in Literacy we read Spadefoot Toads (Created a Cause and Effect chart), read to our reading buddies, and presented our book reports.

10/16/19 - Today students went to the Library ... then we went through and discussed the pretest.

10/15/19 - Today students took a term final pretest and then had a make-up day where they worked on test retakes until the end of class.  Many students really caught up a lot on their work.

10/14/19 - Today in class we discussed the end of the term and then discussed the MATH CAMP.

10/11/19 - Today in class we discussed the Poem Narcissa (Gwendolyn Brooks), reviewed the rules of Quotations (Quiz) and took our Spelling Test 7 on Irregular Plurals.

10/10/19 - Today we discussed Sayings and Phrases, "Eat crow", "Silver Lining", etc.  We read to our kindergarten reading buddies and had a fire drill.

10/9/19 - Today students went to the library, then we discussed the rules for using quotation marks in English.

10/8/19 - Today we read Chapter 6 of Spadefoot Toads and discussed good reading strategies.  We also worked on our typing skills.

10/7/19- Today we discussed Irregular plurals (Spelling List 7) and worked on vocabulary acquisition.

10/4/19 - Today we learned how to create ADOBE SPARK VIDEOS (BOOK REPORTS DUE NEXT FRIDAY) and took our Spelling Test 6.

10/3/19 - Today we reviewed our spelling words, reading strategies, and then read to our kindergarten buddies.

10/2/19 - Today in class students read and discussed Spadefoot Toads (CH 5), practicing reading, questioning methods, and went to the library.

10/01/19 - Today we received our new seating chart, reviewed procedures, and then worked on descriptions ... (We described a Griffin.)

9/30/19 - Today we, oddly enough, worked on our Spelling List 6 and discussed the words.

9/27/19 - Today students mainly worked on their Spelling Word List 4.  We practiced in class and then took our test.

9/26/19 - Today we worked again on vocabulary, point of view, and read to our reading buddies in Kindergarten.

9/25/19 - Everyday we tend to focus on vocabulary and precision of language.  We also practiced our contractions and spelling list 4 today.  (Book reports are due October 4th.)

9/24/19 - Today we reviewed sayings, spelling list 4, vocabulary, and learned alliterations.

9/23/19 - Today we worked on vocabulary acquisition and discussed "sayings" ... "Chip on the shoulder", "Bite the hand that feeds you.", "birthday suit", etc.

9/20/19 - Today in class students took a character quiz, reviewing character vocabulary, tried to take their spelling test, and practiced their typing skills.  

9/19/19 - Today we reviewed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd person writing, read to our reading buddies, and discussed the five senses.

9/18/19 - Today we studied Constitution Day ... (It was yesterday.)  We discussed rights, duties, and respect.  

9/17/19 Today we worked on defining our spelling list words, characterization, and cursive ... (If students or I cannot read it, it must be redone.)

9/16/19 Today in class we took our test on Latin Roots ... Online (Can be redone at any time) and worked on our back to school poems.

9/13/19 - Today in class we took our Spelling Test 3, and typed out on Utah Compose our Autobiography.

9/12/19 - Today we played "Latin Root" basketball, read to our reading buddies, and reviewed affixes.

9/11/19 - Today we briefly discussed September 11th (Patriot's day), then we worked on our introductory essays and read Spadefood toads.

9/10/19 - Today we work mainly on cursive and writing a basic introductory essay.

9/9/19 - Today in class we worked on vocabulary adquisition, cursive, and our Spelling List #3.

9/6/19 - Today we worked on our Spelling Test Number 2, wrote a "Back to school Poem" and began writing our personal autobiographies.

9/5/19 - Today in class we reviewed our affixes (both prefixes and suffixes) and then read to our Kindergarden reading buddies.

9/4/19 - Today we reviewed our latin root words, practiced our affixes, and worked on defining our spelling words using cursive.

9/3/19 - Today students read aloud to me, worked on learning cursive, and received spelling list #2.

8/30/19 - Today students studied the poem "The Arrow and the Song", studied their spelling list and took their spelling Test #1.

8/29/19 - Today in class, we learned how to sign into Canvas and we worked on memorizing Latin Root Words.

8/28/19 - Today we went to the Library, worked on and created our classroom creed, and acted our chapters 2 and 3 of Spadefoot toads.

8/27/19 - Today we discussed the difference between The and A, worked on Prefixes, Suffixes, and Affixes, and practiced our Spelling words on

8/26/19 - Today students received their first spelling list, List 1, and worked on vocabulary (claimed, experiment, species, ecosystems.)

8/23/19 - Today we took our first quiz of the term reviewing everything discussed this week at school.  We also finished reading chapter one of Spadfoot Toads.  We started Ch. 2 and 3.

8/22/19 - Today we worked on our Latin Based Works (Suffixes and Prefixes.)  We also started reading Spadefoot Toads (ch 1).

8/21/19 - We learned the English interrogotives and worked on prefixes and suffixes.

8/20/19 - Today we learned how to convert verbs into gerunds (nouns) ... We also worked on a classroom creed.

8/19/19 - In class we simply went through classroom procedures.