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What we do day by day only helps to remind us to do our best to improve ourselves.

1/9/2020- Today we took a long division estimation quiz ... We also went to a play.

1/8/20 - Today we reviewed decimals ... place value ... and worked to recall Prime Factors.

1/7/20 - Today we had a make-up day.  Students worked throughout the entire period and completed much of the missing work.

1/6/20 - Today students went over the Double Digit Long Division Test and ... reworked all of the problems as a class.

12/20/19 - Today students took two benchmark tests (RISE).

12/19/19 - Today we took our test on Double Digit long Division (Over 1/3 of the class was absent however and we will probably need to take it again another day.)

12/18/19 - Today students worked together in groups to prove their understanding of Long Division Concepts.

12/17/19 - Today we worked on our desks and changed word problems into mathematical equations.  WB: 283-289

12/16/19 - Today students used their long division on Word Problems.  HW: 281-282


12/11/19 - Today students worked again on long division and learned to simplify the long division algorithm.

12/10/19 - Today we worked on Kahn Academy in Partners and continued working on 279.

12/9/19 - Today students worked on two-three digit long division. 277-279 (Not finished)

12/6/19 - Today students worked on division using Arrays.

12/5/19 - Today students strived to identify the parts of an equation and to create and solve two digit division problems.

12/4/19 - Students worked on long division (two digit) WB: 263-266

12/3/19 - Today we worked again on mastering Long Division.  We completed WB pages 257-262.  (Many of my students today DID figure out Long Division Basics.)

12/2/19 - Today we reviewed long division using Base 10 (WB: 257-258)

11/26/19 - Today we continued working on complex long division.  WB: 251-256

11/25/19 - Today we worked on double digit long division.

11/22/19 - TEST TODAY on Chapter 3 (Division with single digits.)

11/21/19 - TEST TOMORROW ... Today we finished doing a review of Long Division.  

11/20/19 - Today we worked on our tables ... (We did three full lessons and ... as a class ... FINALLY figured out long division.)

11/19/19 - Today we practiced our times-tables on the computer, then worked basic long division.  (I saw many issues that I need to fix.)  WB: 209-212

11/18/19 - Today we reviewed long division, and took a quiz on triple digit multiplication.

11/15/19 - Today we reviewed our math facts (multiplication) and then reviewed Factoring.

11/14/19 - Today students worked on missing work.  They also started doing their timed practices of basic division problems.

11/13/19 - Today students practiced multiplication and division and then applied their knowledge to four digit dividends. WB: 203-204

11/12/19 - Today we worked on long division (Partial Quotients.)  WB: 195-200

11/11/19 - Today students worked on multiplication and then worked in partners on today's lesson. (WB: 188-194)

11/7/19 - Today students worked on their multiplication math facts (Speed)

11/06/19 - Today we worked on Multiplication and Division Math Facts (Speed)

11/05/19 - Today students learned how to estimate long division problems to check their answers.  (WB: 183-188)

11/4/19 - Students worked on Long Division today using 10's to figure out simple answers. WB: 176-180

11/1/19 - Students today worked again on division and practiced two Algorithms for doing long division. WB: 169-172

10/31/19 - Today students learned another method of doing double digit dividend division.  (Base 10 method)

10/30/19 - Today students worked in groups (Manipulatives) to learn about division.  

10/29/19 - Today students worked in seven different groups (Group Class work WB: 161-165)

10/28/19 - Today students worked on Fact Families.

10/24/19 - Today we took test 2 (Multiplication and Prime Factor Test).

10/23/19 - Today students played musical chairs ... Those who got out had to teach a multiplication method to the class.

10/22/19 - Today students had some peer tutoring on Multiplication methods.

10/21/19 - Today students took a multiplication quiz ... 8 methods ... and created simple posters.  WB: 134-136

10/17/19 - Today students worked on multiplications methods.  (Practiced 3 different strategies.)

10/16/19 - Today we practiced three multiplication methods using a multiplication worksheet.

10/15/19 - Today students taught me 5 different methods of doing double digit multiplication.  (We mainly worked on the lattice (box) method.)

10/14/19 - Today students worked to estimate numbers to "Mental Math" forms.  WB: 125-130

10/11/19 - Today we took a quiz on the distributive property and Base Ten Blocks.

10/10/19 - Today we worked on basic estimations and with Base Ten Blocks and long division.

10/9/19 - Today we learned seven diffrent methods of doing division.  Most of the class knows how to do at least two of them really well.

10/8/19 - Today we reviewed the basics of Long Division, practiced our times tables and worked on mastering the distributive property.

10/7/19 - Today we worked on and nearly mastered the distributive property.  (WB: 119-124)

10/4/19 - Today students worked on mastering the distributive property.  (WB 112-118)  We also went and had our eyes examined.

10/3/19 - Today we worked on our multiplication math facts, and then in partners worked on our prime numbers.

10/2/19 - Today we took our prime number quiz, learned the JOHN Trandelier Method, and then worked on learning the distributive property.

10/01/19 - Today we received our new seating chart and then took a Prime Number quiz.

9/30/19 - Today we continued working on writing out prime factors using exponents.  HW: 95-96

9/27/19 - Today we worked in partners in an effort to better understand exponents and base 10.

9/26/19 - Today we took a mini assessment during class ... self -assessed ... and then worked on pages 87-89 in our math text.

9/25/19 - Today we did a relay race activity in partners where students had to find all of the factors in 8 different numbers.

9/24/19 - Today we had a lecture about trying and then worked on our multiplication.

9/23/19 - Today we reviewed three methods of finding prime factors.  We completed 80-83.

9/20/19 - Today we practiced our times tables on the computer.  We worked from 1 up to 12's.

9/19/19 - Today students practiced the rainbow chart in factoring and then did an enrichment worksheet.

9/18/19 - Today students learned to factor whole numbers using the rainbow method.  They also learned to find the prime numbers from the list.

9/17/19 - today we found all of the prime numbers between one and 100.

9/16/19 - Today in class we worked with a multiplication chart and prime factors.  Students realized by the end of class, that from two up, WEREN'T PRIME NUMBERS.

9/13/19 - Today we worked on Prime factorization on Kahn Academy.

9/12/19 - Today in class we reviewed the chapter one Test.  Afterwards we learned about PRIME numbers and started working on prime factorization.

9/11/19 - Today we took the Chapter One Test.  (Students did very well.)

9/10/19 - Today we finished up chapter one in preparation for the test.

9/9/19 - Today students worked in partners and created Mathematical Word Men.  (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division words) and then we began working on word problems.)

9/6/19 - Today we Worked on PEMDAS with work problems and then we reviewed, practiced, our times tables from 2-12.

9/5/19 - Today we worked again on comparing decimals (Least to greatest and greatest to least.)  HW: 59-60

9/4/19 - Today students started class by lining up against the wall and organizing themselves by birthdays as decimal numbers (12.03 - December third).  Afterwards we worked with greater than or less than with decimals up to the thousandths

9/3/19 - Today students took a quiz and worked on PEMDAS questions as groups.

8/30/19 - Today students worked on place value in the base ten system.  We worked on Lessons 6 and 7.  WB: 43-48  HW: 47-48

8/29/19 - Today in class we learned to multiply and divide by ten by only moving the decimal to the right or the left.  (We had fun writing on our desks.)

8/28/19 - Today we practiced multiplying and dividing by ten.  (Base - ten.)  We also worked in the workbook and completed pages 35-40.  (HW: 41-42)

8/27/19 - Today we practiced place value using Kahn Academy on the computers and then we learn the order of operations ... (PEMDAS)

8/26/19 - Today we reviewed converting decimals to fractions and fractions to decimals.  We also completed WB: 29-35 in the workbooklets.

8/23/19 - Today we worked with whiteboard markers on our desks and changed fractions to decimals and decimals to fractions.

8/22/19 - Today students reviewed Greater than and Less than from Millions down to hundredths.  WB: 25-26

8/21/19 - We are working on learned place value between Million and Hundredth.

8/20/19 - We took a pretest on chapter 1 and chapter 2 to  determine where students are at.

8/20/19 - Today we worked on school procedures.