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Only by understanding our past can we truly prepare for the future.

I love teaching history and culture together.  Stories are truly the greatest way to learn.

1/9/2020- Today we learned the different types of government.

 1/8/2020 - We also graded our term final and began creating our own government.

1/7/2020 - Today students discussed next term.  We also graded our term final.

12/18-19/19 - Today we worked on  our history semester final and began working on a cultural activity.  Creation of "god's eyes"

12/17/19 - Today we worked on our History Semester Final.  

12/11/19 - Today students learned about Patriots, Loyalists, Neutralists and the beginning of the Revolutionary War.  We went all of the way to the Boston Massacre.  

 12/10/19 - Today students learned about Patriots, Loyalists, Neutralists and the beginning of the Revolutionary War.

12/6/19 - Today students learned about the Lutheran religion and their beliefs.

12/5/19 - Today students discussed the melting pot culture of the United States.

12/4/19 - Students today did research online about the 13 colonies of the United States.

12/3/19 - Today we talked about the United States becoming a melting pot of cultures, ideas, and beliefs.  We also began our research on the 13 original English Colonies.

11/26/19 - Today we talked about the Puritans, Pilgrams, Travel, and Thanksgiving.

11/22/19 - We actually did make it to John Smith, Pocahantas, and John Rolphe.

11/21/19 - Multiculturalism - Today we discussed how the colonization of the americas shifted the common culture between the English, Scottish, Dutch, French, Irish, German, and Indians.

11/20/19 - Today we talked about American Colonization.  (Jamestown) and John Smith

 11/19/19 - Today we finally started talking about American Colonization.  (Jamestown)

11/14/19 - Today we finished discussion the Star-Spangled Banner and then practiced our observation skills using Renaissance (appropriate) art.

11/13/19 - Today we learned the Star Spangled Banner. (All Verses)

11/12/19 - Today we learned the first two verses of the Star Spangled Banner.

11/7/19 - Today we finished up our discussion about the Renaissance.

11/06/19 - We continued talking about the Renaissance artists.

11/05/19 - Today students talked about the Renaissance and its influence on people coming to the American continent.

11/1/19 - Today students Discussed the beginning of slavery in the "Newfoundland" Americas.  They also had a short lesson about the Aztec Tradition of the "Days of the Dead".

10/31/19 - Halloween ... No classes for the afternoon.

10/30/19 - Today students started learning ... briefly ... about Slavery in the Americas.

10/29/19 - Today we had a term-long review with a focus on the conquistadores.

10/24/19 - Today students completed the self-grade rubric judging themselves, behavior, and learning.

10/23/19 - Today we continued our discussion of the Mayan empire and then went to a special assembly for Mrs. Shepard.

10/22/19 - Today students discussed the end of term final and continued our discussion on the Mayan culture.

10/17/19 - Today students discussed the Aztec use of medicine (Religion, MAGIC, and herbs all put together).

10/16/19 - Today students discussed the Aztec use of medicine (Religion, MAGIC, and herbs all put together).

10/15/19 - Today we returned to our workbooklets to better understand the Aztec and the Mayan Civilizations.  WB 8-12

10/11/19 - Today we discussed "How sometimes people lie to eliminate worry." 

10/10/19 - Today in class I learned to read through the work with my students to help them to find and write Aztec information correctly.

10/9/19 - Today we reviewed the AZTECS and discussed in detail the Mayan civilization.

10/8/19 - Today in class we reviewed the Aztecs, learned the Legend on the Maize and talked briefly of Quetzalcoatl.

10/4/19 - Today we watched a video about "Being the Change" - Character Education

10/3/19 - Today we reviewed the American Continents, discussed Trumps WALL (Student lead discussion showing two sides of every coin.)

10/02/19 - Today we reviewed the American Continents, discussed the Aztec Culture, and reviewed term 1 history basics. 

10/01/19 - Today we received our new seating chart and then began working on our History Term booklets.

9/27/19 - Today we continued our discussing on the goals of teaching and learning history.

9/26/19 - Today in class we received our term 1 history booklets and began discussing the goals of the term.

9/20/19 - Today we had an interesting lesson about Heroes and Villains.  (We discovered that almost everything in life is an opinion.

9/19/19 Today we finished our discussing on the conquistadores.  We also learned the location of the Spanish speaking countries of the world.

9/18/19 - Today we continued working on, discussing, the conquistadores.  They also learned the different Countries of Central and South America.

9/17/19 - Today we began our discussion about the conquistadores.  We discussed Hernan Cortes and Francicso Pizzarro.

9/13/19 - Today we talked about what cultural things we have that we would teach to a new world if we discovered a new world.

9/12/19 - Today we ended our cultural discussion of the Mayan Civilization.

9/11/19 - Today we continued our discussion of the Mayan Civilization.

9/10/19 - Today we discussed character ... "The boy and the Filberts" and reviewed the aztec civilization. 

9/6/19 - Today we worked on our charcater education and discussed a few quotes and watched a small video.

9/4-5/19 - Today students began learning about the reformation ... (Religious disputes and the Inquisition) - - - They learned that religious freedom was one of the reasons the pilgrams came to America.

9/3/19 - Today students wrote down the continents and oceans of the Earth.  They also took turns talking about different countries that they know from around the world.

8/30/19 - Today students worked on how to diffuse bullying situations.

8/29/19 - Today we continued our discussion about the Aztec Empire.

8/28/19 - Today we started our discussion on the Aztec Empire.

8/27/19 - Today we learned the difference between history and prehistory, discussed the vikings, and learned about Christopher Columbus.

8/23/19 - Students today learned how to stop a bully  (AMAZING VIDEO)

8/22/19 - Respectful terms ... Introduction into U.S. History (Intro into the Early Explorers.

8/21/19 - Terms of respect ... respect for different cultures ... History (truth) is determined by opinions.

8/20/19 - School Procedures.